FJR6 actively participates in many events during the year, but we try to obtain maximum participation from all members at 4 events per year (these are typically the best events of that calendar year). We also attend the good events in other regions of the USA, as well as battlefield tours and events in Europe.

Fallschirmjaeger-Lehrkompanie Event 2013

Battle of Crete Weekend at the VA Beach Air Show, 16-19 May 2013


FJ-Lehrkompanie German Paratrooper Living History Weekend

Our FJR6 unit hosts the "Battle of Crete" display at this Airshow; it's the largest gathering of "early- war" Fallschirmjaeger in the entire USA. Living History immersion activities inlclude instruction on packing the WW2 German RZ-series parachutes, training sessions on the wartime parachute landing fall, and several other techniques taught at the wartime parachute schools!


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